Senior Frontend Engineer

Engineering & IT / Software Engineering

As a Senior Frontend Engineer, we want you to create the user experience that powers our video products. our application works seamlessly and gives our users the power to do what they need to do to create amazing videos.

Your Technical Skill Set‬

  • 5+ years experience as a frontend developer
  • Expert with JavaScript, HTML and CSS (CSS-in-JS)
  • Good knowledge of React+Redux
  • Experience working with Node.js
  • Experience with build tools like Webpack
  • Good knowledge of Git
  • Knowledge of different level testing (Unit, Integration, E2E)
  • Ability to navigate large existing code, and improve it as it changes

Your Personal Skill Set

  • Self-initiated, fast learner with a positive attitude.
    • Hopefully, you’ll tell us what we need to be doing. Independence and agency are key traits at Broadsay.
    • We want to queue with “Can do” party members because passion breeds enthusiasm, which in turn makes learning and team achievement infectious.
  • Excellent attention to details, quality of work and time management.
    • You have ownership of the product. Be proud of your work, not for our sake, but for yours. We will be proud too!
    • Working hard and having a sense of urgency are important, but being efficient is more important. Hard work doesn’t mean endless hours and “face-time”, it means on-time delivery of quality work and achieving our shared goals.

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